HFTS Helicopter Flight Training Services GmbH was founded end of 2004 by a consortium of CAE Elektronik GmbH, Airbus Helicopters, Rheinmetall Electronics GmbH und Thales Deutschland GmbH. The company established a contract for the provision of NH90 training media at Bückeburg, Holzdorf and Fassberg during its foundation. The company managed to achieved contracts with suppliers for the construction of infrastructure and the training media, as well as financing contracts with the banks during the ramp up phase. The development and ramp up phase was finalized by ready for training (RFT) of the training media in the years 2008 and 2009:

  • RFT 1st simulator at Bückeburg: October 2008
  • RFT simulator at Holzdorf: May 2009
  • RFT 2nd simulator at Bückeburg: October 2009
  • RFT simulator at Fassberg: November 2009

Since then, all training media are serviced to national and international customers, who shall target to perform a broad spectrum of training goals on these devices.